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“Delivering a sustainable future for your career and the wider world. That’s fluid thinking.”

We've recently launched a fantastic graduate brochure for Severn Trent. The brochure brings STW’s new visually arresting style and the concept of fluid thinking to life. It features a kaleidoscopic effect that showcases the impact of a career with STW and encourages the audience to view the industry in a fresh way. The kaleidoscope visual was brought to life through the use of a lenticular printing technique which gave the brochure striking impact.

Things are changing at Work.

The way people interact, recruit, advertise and consume is different from when Work was born. Fifteen years later, so is the shape and scope of our business. It's an exciting time for Work, and the evolution of our logo reflects that.

We're a global team that's curious and passionate. We think in possibilities, not limitations. We're entrepreneurial by nature, we regularly challenge convention, whether doing something unexpected, or simply doing it well. We collaborate closely, with clients and with each other, to trigger genuine change and growth. Most importantly, we learn by listening - to the market, to our clients and to each other. Work will always be more than keeping the lights on. It's about delivering results that matter. That's why we do what we do. For us, work is personal.

Delivering straight from the heart

Whatever you think you know about Royal Mail, your perceptions may need a refresh. A new energy is sparking connections across the graduate community and it’s coming straight from the hearts of the people who are driving the changes. To learn more about a British success story that’s being told at a university near you, let us introduce you to the people who made it happen. Meet the new generation.

We drive engagement, grow reputations and connect people with brands for organisations all over the world. We help them hire the right people in the right way – and build communications that engage and inspire colleagues and candidates.